PEVIA - Pan-Ebola Vaccine Innovative Approach - is a collaborative research programme aiming to develop and to bring to the clinics an innovative pan-Ebola vaccine, safe and effective against multiple Ebola virus strains and ease to produce and deploy in endemic regions. The overall objective of PEVIA is to bring this new pan-Ebola vaccine up to a stage ready for testing in an outbreak setting by comprehensively analyzing their immunological and safety profile in human using cutting-edge technologies. The project, officially kicked off June 1st 2017, also addresses the development innovative functional analysis tools to accelerate the development of new vaccine candidates against Ebola virus and Filovirus as well as novel diagnostic tests that can be readily deployed in the field. PEVIA project will have a significant impact on global health, both at the individual and the public health levels, and will increase the readiness to respond to future outbreaks of Ebola and other filoviral haemorrhagic

PEVIA is a public-private consortium made up of 13 partners involving 3 small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and experts from 10 academic institutions, including scientists of two BSL-4 laboratories and four clinical centers (France, Switzerland, Benin, Tanzania).

PEVIA is a 6 years project started in June 2017 and funded by the Innovative Medicine Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking (IMI 2 JU).

Project Details

Grant Number: 116088

Start date: 01/06/2017

Duration: 72 months

Total Budget: €17.7 million

IMI2 Funding: €6.2 million

Project coordinator: AP-HP/CIC (Pr Odile Launay)

Scientific coordinator: VAXEAL (Dr Ahmed Bouzidi, Dr Jérôme Kerzerho)

Partners: 13 from 6 countries